Using Data & Analytics to Make Strategic Marketing Decisions

Using Data & Analytics to Make Strategic Marketing Decisions

Without data, it's hard to make sound strategic decisions for your company.

So, What Is the importance of Data Analytics in Marketing?

Marketing with data analytics means measuring, analyzing, and applying data to your marketing and campaigns. It is really easy to think Data Analytics is just tracking the results of your campaigns, but it is the front end piece that drives the strategy.

Using a free tool for your site called Google Analytics allows you to collect and consume information on your customers or potential users. Using their custom templates and reports, the real key is to spend some time interpreting the data to make recommendations for your site or campaigns. 

You can incorporate data analytics into new and existing marketing campaigns. A few examples:

  • use data from PPC campaigns to inform copy
  • Use it to create a new email marketing campaign
  • change the layout of your site to increase conversion rates

Why It Makes Sense to Use Data Analytics in Marketing

Marketing with data analytics gets you results. Using data &analytics takes the guesswork from your campaigns and allows you choices about marketing spend/campaigns that are much more likely to be correct.

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